Chris Jericho Details Injuries He's Suffered In 2022

Chris Jericho is enjoying a banner 2022

Chris Jericho is having a frankly incredible year, with the veteran star turning back the clock to go on one of his best runs in years.

Such a run comes with its perils, with the new ROH World Champion revealing on the AEW Unrestricted podcast what injuries he’s suffered this year alone:

"Barbed wire everywhere, I broke my nose. Week after, Wheeler Yuta, my big toenail fell off. Moxley, I got gashed open and I have a bruised larynx. We just had to postpone our Fozzy tour because I have no top range from that match. It happens. It's part of what we do. But it also shows the intensity and how well these matches are working,” said Jericho.

Jericho has been involved in several high intensity matches in 2022, such as his King’s Road style bout with Eddie Kingston at Revolution, as well as a Barbed Wire Everywhere match against Kingston, and the Anarchy in the Arena and Blood & Guts II matches that pitted the Jericho Appreciation Society against the Blackpool Combat Club.


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