MVP Comments On Potentially Forming A New Hurt Business

Could MVP bring The Hurt Business back to WWE?

As one of the most dominant and criminally short-lived groups in recent WWE, fans have been clamouring for a Hurt Business return, doubly so since Triple H ushered in a new era of WWE.

One fan took matters into their own hands and tweeted MVP suggesting he should reform the group, possibly with new members, but MVP was blunt in his reply:

“New members? Then that would be a different group. That's like Wu-Tang with 'different members'. It ain't the same.” 

The group of MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander only operated as a full-time unit for a little over a year, but managed to hold the WWE, United States, and Raw Tag Team Championships during their run.

After the team disbanded, MVP stayed on as Lashley’s manager, before ditching ‘The All Mighty’ for ‘the giant’ Omos.

So don’t hold your breath for an all-new Hurt Business, but that’s not to say the original may not reform at some point. Just like the Wu, it seems that The Hurt Business ain’t nuthing ta f*** with.

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