Report: Longtime Writer Departs WWE

A WWE Writer Has Reportedly Parted Ways With The Company

Amidst recent talk of WWE cuts, it has been reported that a long-term writer has parted ways with the company, though it must be said that there is no confirmation that these two stories are connected. 

As reported by Fightful Select, Nick Manfredini left WWE early on this year. It is noted in the report, 

“Manfredini had been with WWE for well over a decade, having joined the fold in the spring of 2010. Manfredini was heavily influential in the creation and creative of the Firefly Funhouse segments. We have not learned of Manfredini left of his own volition or was let go.”

It later goes on to say that he was someone who would “downplay” any positive praise of credit, despite Bray Wyatt’s best attempts to heap appraisal towards him. The WWE creative team is one which saw a lot of reshuffling at times under the rule of Vince McMahon, though in this new era of WWE in which Triple H is in control, it hasn’t been entirely clear on the stability (or instability) of the current creative climate.

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Written by Andrew Kelly