Report: Major Creative Changes Occurred On WWE Raw Post-WrestleMania

Two feuds ended up getting changed

The rivalries you're presently seeing on Monday Night Raw are much different than what was intended, according to a report from Fightful Select.

According to the report, two planned feuds ended up getting changed, with the participants getting spun off into different angles.

One would have been the continuation of Sheamus and Riddle's rivalry for the US title, while Randy Orton was set to work with Braun Strowman going forward.

Fightful's report states, "We've mentioned recently that creative plans have changed significantly over the last two weeks, and were able to gain some insight on that.

"As of the late change to the Riddle-Sheamus match at WrestleMania that switched to have Sheamus go over for the title, the plan was to have the two continue to feud, which obviously changed by the next night. Sheamus didn't wrestle on the next two Raw shows and Riddle started a short term program with Randy Orton, who was planned for a program with Braun Strowman. The Strowman-Orton change was set the day of the show. Prior to that, we were told there weren't immediate plans for the Strowman-McIntyre vs. Mace & T-Bar program that we now see. Those backstage in WWE said Orton was in favor of working with Riddle, and the changes made."

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