Report: Matt Jackson Injured On AEW Dynamite

Matt Jackson reportedly picked up an injury during Fyter Fest’s tag title main event

The AEW injury list may have a new name added to it, as it’s being reported that Matt Jackson suffered a stinger in the AEW World Tag Team Championship main event of AEW: Dynamite Fyter Fest 2022 week one.

The report comes via Dave Meltzer, who wrote the following in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“The injury was about four minutes into the match and we were told it was a basic spot where Hobbs & Lee gave him the double vertical suplex after he tried to do his Northern Lights suplex on two guys at once, except those guys are a lot bigger than the guys he usually does the move on. He continued on in the match but worked carefully, but you could see him holding his neck in the  latter stages  of  the match.

"He’s had neck  issues  for years  from the style [he wrestles], and injured it taking a crazy looking Canadian destroyer out of nowhere by Penta, not in the match in Ontario but a match months earlier. He said he was okay from the stinger and feeling a lot better the next day.”

Whilst seemingly not as severe as others on AEW’s injury list, Jackson joins the likes of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bryan Danielson, and CM Punk, although it has not been said how much time - if any - Jackson will miss.

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