Report: Update On WWE Raw Going to TV-14

A ratings switch has been mooted for WWE Raw

Reports surfaced this week that the WWE PG Era was set to end, with WWE Raw allegedly set to change ratings to TV-14 starting Monday July 18.

Since news broke, varying reports have surfaced, with original reporter Andrew Zarian somewhat backtracking on his original piece, subsequently claiming that no date has been formalised with regards to the ratings change as internal memos were allegedly sent out prematurely.

Fightful Select followed up, confirming that there were conflicting internal messages about the change at the USA Network, with WWE sources allegedly ‘not hearing of the change’ to TV-14, but were said to be ‘looking into the move’.

After the profanity and violence laden Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, WWE made the decision to change to TV-PG in July 2008, to the dismay of some fans, and as of writing, the July 18 edition of Raw is still set to be rated TV-PG.

However, Fightful haven’t heard of a specific edict from within WWE or that a massive tonal shift is coming for WWE programming - at this moment in time at least. Indeed, NXT 2.0 has shown a racier edge in recent months, but is still rated TV-PG, and you’d imagine any stylistic changes for WWE would have to consider the wishes of sponsors and advertisers, amongst other external entities.

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