Tony Khan Says AEW Tag Title Decision Stands

There was some controversy over Swerve In Our Glory’s AEW World Tag Team Championship win

AEW capped off the first night of Fyter Fest 2022 with new tag team champions, as Swerve In Our Glory lifted the titles for the first time, defeating Champions The Young Bucks, and Team Taz in three-way action.

However, some fans have questioned the validity of the title switch, as even though Swerve Strickland got the winning pin on Ricky Starks, Starks may not have been the legal man.

AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter to clarify the status of the AEW World Tag Team Championships, saying the following:

“That speculation’s BS! As always in @AEW + per generally accepted pro wrestling practices: the referee’s decision is FINAL! Congratulations to the new World Tag Team Champions @swerveconfident & @RealKeithLee! See you all for Friday #[email protected] 10pm”

AEW have often played fast-and-loose with the traditional rules of tag wrestling, employing more of a lucha style - similar to tag rules in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - although they have tightened up in some areas, such as the use of the tag rope, amongst other tropes.

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