Report: MLW Send Cease-And-Desist Letter To WWE

MLW had further issues with WWE

Major League Wrestling reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to WWE recently over WWE's plans for Raw is XXX, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Meltzer noted that WWE tried to reach out to some of MLW's contracted talent about appearing on Raw. Who exactly WWE reached out to was not revealed but it is assumed it was members of the Anoa'i family that MLW have under contract to see if they could appear during the planned Roman Reigns acknowledgement ceremony with every generation of The Bloodline. 

MLW regularly feature a revived version of The Samoan SWAT Team with Anoa'i family members Lance Anoa'i and Jacob Fatu, as well as Juicy Finau. The Roman Reigns acknowledgement ceremony was ultimately scrapped as Rikishi was unwell and Afa and Sika were unable to travel to Raw. Instead, The Bloodline held the trial of Sami Zayn, with Roman Reigns ruling that Zayn was not guilty for the time being. 

Meltzer noted that MLW founder Court Bauer was not against the talent appearing on Raw is XXX but WWE had to go through him to get them booked, something which WWE didn't do. WWE didn't respond to any questions on the cease-and-desist letter from Meltzer. 

MLW and WWE are currently wrapped up in legal issues after MLW filed an anti-trust lawsuit against WWE in January 2022, alleging WWE had made ongoing attempts to "undermine competition and monopolise the professional wrestling market by interfering with MLW's contracts and business prospects." 

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