Report: Moose Open To Pursuing X-Division Title In IMPACT

Moose recently dropped the IMPACT World Championship to Josh Alexander

Moose may be down, but he is seemingly not out, with the former IMPACT World Champion looking to get back to winning ways after his recent world title loss to Josh Alexander at Rebellion.

Indeed, the ‘Wrestling God’ is setting his sights on a second run with the IMPACT World Title, as well as any other title he can get his hands on, telling WrestleZone:

“There’s obviously goals and things that I haven’t accomplished in IMPACT, that’s one of the reasons I decided to stay here when my contract was up. I’ve never been X-Division Champion, I’ve never been Tag Champion, so those are two things that I’d like to accomplish. Obviously, to become Tag Champion, I’d have to find a tag team partner that could stand me, you know? [laughs]

“For my second run as IMPACT World Champion, I’m starting to do my homework actually, since I lost it, to see what I can do to make my second run different from my first run. One thing that I’ve learned with wrestling, you never want to be the same kind of champion every time you win it. You have to evolve or change so you don’t bore the fans, so I’m starting to think of how my second reign as champion will be different from my first, things that I can do to make that different. So, I’m doing my homework obviously and there’s still stuff left for me to do in IMPACT Wrestling and I can’t wait to start chopping wood and get back to knocking off some of my goals that I have set,” said Moose.

As for the X Division, Moose has hinted that he may follow Josh Alexander’s footsteps in a bid to reclaim the World Title: 

 “We’ll see how everything goes down, going into the X-Division and doing exactly what Josh [Alexander] did and do ‘Option C’ and go get back the world title,” Moose stated. “But who knows, I have a lot of emotions going on in my head right now. I obviously just lost the [IMPACT World] title a few days ago. So, yeah, let’s see what my next move is and how soon it’s gonna be.”

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