Report: Reason Bruce Prichard Replaced Paul Heyman As WWE Raw Executive Director Revealed

Working towards Vince McMahon's vision...

Last night, WWE announced Bruce Prichard had replaced Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw and the former Brother Love will now oversee creative on five hours of television every week.

Fans were shocked by the removal of Heyman, especially as he had made a commitment to pushing new stars like Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, and Apollo Crews. This is precisely the reason McMahon removed Brock Lesnar's advocate, however, as the boss didn't think the stars Heyman was pushing were getting over with the audience and would be able to turn around declining ratings.

Some also questioned why Prichard was chosen to replace Heyman, but Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Bruce was picked because his creative process is based upon producing shows that fit McMahon's overall vision of what WWE TV should be. The programming will also be written with the aim of making content that Vince likes and Prichard won't argue with the boss if he doesn't like an angle or storyline.  

This is how programming is currently put together on Friday Night SmackDown, which is why an angle with bodily fluids is set to be broadcast on tonight's episode. 

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