Report: Reason Sami Zayn Has Primarily Been A Manager On WWE SmackDown Revealed

Sami continues to suffer from an old injury...

Since August 2019, Sami Zayn has primarily appeared on WWE TV as a manager for former Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. This has allowed Zayn to compile a small faction for himself, as he has also taken Cesaro under his wing in recent months.

While The Underdog From The Underground has received universal praise for his current role, many still clamour for Sami to return to the ring full time. This doesn't look set to happen any time soon, however, as Zayn hasn't wrestled since January 19, when he teamed with Nakamura & Cesaro against Braun Strowman & The New Day at a house show in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dave Meltzer confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this is because the former NXT Champion is still troubled by his old shoulder injuries, and in order to prevent him from being in more pain, he has taken the decision to wrestle less.

Meltzer penned: "Zayn is still bothered by his shoulder problems which is one of the key reasons he wrestles so little and is mostly in a manager role."

Zayn has had to spend a considerable amount of time on the sidelines because of his shoulders. He tore his left shoulder in his Monday Night Raw debut back in May 2015, which kept him out of action until January 2016. He then tore both of his rotator cuffs in the Summer of 2018 and was out for 10 months before returning on the April 8, 2019 episode of Raw.

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