Report: Shane McMahon Almost Had Entrance Hiccup At WWE Royal Rumble

He better get out there when his music hits

Almost a year on from his last appearance on WWE TV, Shane McMahon returned during the Men's Royal Rumble on Saturday, January 29, entering at #28. The 52-year-old then eliminated Kevin Owens before he was tossed over the top rope by eventual winner Brock Lesnar. 

There was almost a hiccup in McMahon's entrance, though. 

According to Fightful Select, Shane was originally set to enter the Rumble at #29 while Randy Orton was scheduled to be the 28th entrant. Their entrances got reversed, though, and after Shane reacted hastily, Orton told McMahon via "verbal cues" he would not be making his way to the ring to 'Here Comes The Money' so Shane had better make his entrance when his number came up. 

The Royal Rumble ultimately proved to be a disastrous evening for Shane and he was out of the company only days after his return, with his behaviour backstage have reportedly left Vince McMahon with no choice but to get rid of his only son. 

Shane helped produce the Men's Rumble and he wanted to book himself as a "featured player" but that and his other ideas were shot down by his father because neither the WWE Chairman nor Brock Lesnar were happy with Shane's suggestions. 

This left the 52-year-old visibly unhappy and caused confusion backstage for talent due to the sheer number of changes between Shane's plans and then what Vince and Lesnar wanted to happen.    

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