Report: The Revival Signed Over Trademarks As Part Of Their WWE Releases

A completely new gimmick for The Revolt will be needed...

On April 30, WWE started the process to oppose The Revival's trademarks. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champions had previously filed to trademark "Say Yeah," "#FTRKO," "No Flips, Just Fists," "Shatter Machine," and "Top Guys" while they were under contract in the wrestling behemoth. 

At the time, it seemed the legal battle could extend into an ugly court case but it seems The Revival (The Revolt) will be unable to use elements of their old gimmick in All Elite Wrestling, as Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful reported Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler agreed to sign over their trademarks to get their releases from WWE. 

Sapp noted that the tag team would have remained under contract until the end of the summer as WWE planned to add time on to Harwood's deal, but after weeks of negotiations the two parties came to an agreement and The Revival were let go on April 10. 

The Revolt did use "Say Yeah" one last time, however, as they included it as part of a video hyping their return to professional wrestling.


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