Edge And Randy Orton Returning To WWE Raw Next Week

Will they continue their rivalry...

At WrestleMania 36, Randy Orton and Edge faced off in the second-longest match in the history of The Showcase Of The Immortals. The match lasted 36 minutes and ended after Edge smashed Orton with a Con-Chair-To, causing The Viper to lie prone for the required 10 seconds.

Neither Superstar has been seen since, but WWE announced on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw that they will return next week. They were shown together in a video package which gave the impression that their rivalry will be continuing as it stated: "The Rated-R Superstar Edge will be hunting the venomous Randy Orton. Does the hunter become the hunted? Edge, Orton, next week on Raw." 

Whether fans want to see the feud continue remains to be seen. The length of the Last Man Standing match was widely criticised and many viewers said they were bored halfway through the fight. The Rated-R Superstar didn't take too kindly to the criticism as he told Corey Graves the negativity came from "a minuscule militia of malcontent" who "enjoy not enjoying things and dwell on negatives." 

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