Report: The Rock Has Input On The 2024 WWE Hall Of Fame

The Rock reportedly has influence in deciding the WWE Hall Of Fame inductees

Over the last week WWE has begun announcing the inductees for the 2024 class of the WWE Hall Of Fame, which has seen the likes of Paul Heyman, Bull Nakano, and the US Express announced thus far, with rumours for others like Haku making the rounds too. When it comes to this year’s Hall Of Fame, a big name may very well have some influence. 

A report from Fightful Select has noted that sources within WWE claim that The Rock has some influence in who is being inducted into this year’s Hall Of Fame. It was said that if certain planned inductees do indeed go ahead as scheduled, then The Rock’s involvement would be made much clearer, with another source saying The Rock has had input on each of the names chosen so far too. In an update to this report, The Rock’s mother is one of the names considered for the Hall Of Fame, though WWE has claimed that The Rock doesn’t have any input, contrary to reports and claims from other sources. 

The Rock recently became a board member for TKO, so he will have some involvement in certain aspects of WWE, and the Hall Of Fame is reportedly one of them.

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Written by Andrew Kelly