Report: Trish Stratus & Becky Lynch Less Than Thrilled With Their Match Being Pulled From WWE SummerSlam

Two less than thrilled talents within WWE in Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus

There appears to be plenty of unhappiness to go around within WWE at the moment.

It had been known for months that Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus was planned for SummerSlam but it emerged this week the two rivals would actually face off in their rubber match on the August 14 edition of Monday Night Raw, with WWE reportedly pulling the match from SummerSlam by last weekend. 

Reports have noted that Lynch vs. Stratus was removed from the August 5 pay-per-view due to time constraints and Fightful Select has also reported that time limits caused the match to be moved off SummerSlam. WWE are reportedly adamant about restricting the number of matches and the runtimes for pay-per-views and this would have meant Lynch vs. Stratus would have been "severely limited by time" if it had taken place at SummerSlam. This led to the match being moved to Raw after consideration was given to pushing the blow-off back to Payback. 

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus don't seem to be particularly happy about the change, with Fightful reporting that "neither woman was thrilled with the adjustment, which came into focus in the days before their Raw match was set up."

The frustration also appears to have stretched beyond Lynch and Stratus, with it being claimed there is growing frustration with WWE's handling of the women's division. Find out more here

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