Tony Khan Says His Dream Is For AEW Content To Land On Max

AEW on Max is a dream of Tony Khan’s

Whilst All Elite Wrestling’s successes on traditional broadcast television have seen the promotion running three weekly shows, the question that has followed AEW is ‘when will AEW content be available on a streaming service?’

With the strong relationship between AEW and broadcast partners Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s plausible that AEW could find a digital home on WBD owned Max, with AEW President Tony Khan telling PWInsider his hopes for a streaming future for AEW:

“Well, if you live abroad, which you do not, but [there's] always that option… there's a great streaming service, AEW Plus that we've put together for international. Domestically, all of our streaming rights are held exclusively by Warner Bros. Discovery. They also have all of our domestic TV rights exclusively, which has been great and has helped drive the launch of AEW Collision, which has been such a great success. And in addition to Rampage and Dynamite, where we, again, I stress celebrate episode 200 tonight of Wednesday night Dynamite TBS. And that relationship is really important to us, and the streaming rights is something that they've put a lot of thought into as of tonight, again, there's 200 episodes of Wednesday night Dynamite. There's over a hundred episodes of Friday night Rampage, and we've now going into this week, this will be episode eight of Saturday night Collision, and that's a really strong collection that we're building there.

“And we've also had about 20 huge pay-per-view events and hundreds of episodes of AEW Dark and thousands of hours that I own outside of the AEW catalog of Ring of Honor footage that includes some of the biggest stars in all of pro wrestling today and all time. And when you look at all that, I think we have all the bones for a really, really strong streaming platform. I think it would be a very strong addition to any streaming platform, and my dream is that it all lands on Max. I think it would be tremendous. Right now, AEW All Access is available on that, which is very cool, and hopefully that's a step in the right direction, getting our stuff streaming. We've got a great library all together with everything I own. It's thousands of hours of great wrestling and the AEW catalog has grown so much considering it was stuff we bootstrapped and started to think from scratch four years ago. And I believe the streaming service will happen as to where it is and what platform it is that something that I believe largely will be influenced by Warner Bros.,” said Khan.

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