Report: Update On 2022 WWE Draft

Potential news on an upcoming WWE Draft

Could a WWE Draft be happening soon? Whilst ‘anything is possible in WWE’, the recent regime changes and roster additions make a draft seem necessary, and reports suggest there could be one on the horizon. 

Fightful Select suggests that a Draft could take place after the upcoming Clash at the Castle PPV in September, with several Raw stars scheduled for the post PPV Smackdown on September 9, whilst several SmackDown stars are internally listed for Raw on September 5 and 12.

The report continues, saying that whilst a draft hasn’t been explicitly confirmed to talent to be taking place, writers have noted that talent repackages are more likely to come following Clash at the Castle, rather than in the immediate future.

With Triple H taking control of WWE Creative in the past month, it was too late for him to significantly alter the plans for either SummerSlam or Clash at the Castle, but with nothing announced for WWE’s following PPV - Extreme Rules on October 8 - September would be the perfect time for a roster refresh, and give Triple H a true clean slate to work with moving forward.

The last WWE Draft took place in early October 2021.

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