Report: Update On If WWE Are Changing Money In The Bank Stipulation

What is happening with Money In The Bank?

There has been been a great deal of confusion over the stipulation for the Money In The Bank briefcase since a Cody Rhodes promo at WrestleMania Backlash in which The American Nightmare mentioned the winners of the namesake ladder matches would receive title shots at WrestleMania. 

While many believed this was a mistake, there was little clarification from WWE and they have continued to air the adverts in recent weeks.

Despite the confusion, though, the Money In The Bank stipulation won't be changing, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and the winners will receive a briefcase they can cash in for a title match at any time, which has been the case since the concept was introduced in 2005.

The confusion following Cody Rhodes' promo was ultimately caused by Vince McMahon, Meltzer noted. A member of WWE's production team wrote Cody's speech and McMahon added the line about the winners receiving a title match at WrestleMania. There is no word on why the 76-year-old decided to do so. 

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