Report: Update On Rey Mysterio Following WWE SmackDown Injury

Update on Rey Mysterio following suspected injury on WWE SmackDown

Rey Mysterio’s match against Santos Escobar on the July 28 edition of WWE SmackDown was cut short, with it feared that Mysterio had suffered a concussion after banging his head on the floor following a dive.

It seems though that Mysterio’s condition is as not as bad as first feared, with Dave Meltzer reporting on Wrestling Observer Radio that the former World Heavyweight Champion is fine:

"He's fine. He did the match with Santos Escobar last night and apparently, something happened, and I have to rewatch the tape, but I was told it was a move by Santos Escobar that knocked Rey silly but he continued to wrestle,” said Meltzer.

It was initially believed that Mysterio’s awkward landing after a tope suicida had caused his injury, but Meltzer claims the injury happened at a different point in the bout:

"The dive was the excuse to call the match off. Like, when he took the dive and they were attending to him and everything like that, they had already planned to stop the match. They stopped the match before the commercial break.

"He was selling a way to stop the match, he was not actually knocked out there, but he was dizzy before that. So, that's what I was told about how it went down. I don't think he had a concussion. If you watch it on TV, it looked like he did but it was a precautionary measure. They didn't know. I'm told he's fine. That's good, it looked like it could have been scary when he was laying there,” continued Meltzer.

H/T: F4W Online

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