Report: Warner Bros. Discovery Hopeful Of Reconciliation Between CM Punk & AEW

CM Punk and AEW might be one big happy family again by next week

It emerged on Wednesday, May 17 there had been another hiccup in relations between CM Punk and All Elite Wrestling.

Punk was expected to be a part of the launch of AEW Collision on Wednesday and the 44-year-old was originally included in the press release and promotional materials for the show, but he was pulled from those materials earlier this week. Punk was set to make his AEW return on the inaugural episode of Collision on June 17, which is reportedly scheduled to take place at the United Center in Chicago. 

It has since emerged that Punk and AEW are at odds over the potential return of Ace Steel as Punk has been told that his friend is not welcome at TV tapings, a decision the 44-year-old disagrees with. 

Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio there were issues between AEW and CM Punk over the return of Ace Steel but Warner Bros. Discovery, AEW's TV partner in the United States, are hopeful the two sides will reconcile.

"There were people who thought this was the ultimate blow-up and Punk screwed Tony on Tony's big announcement and Tony's big day to WBD. From the WBD side, because nobody from the AEW side has talked about this at all nor confirmed any of this, from the WBD side they have said their belief is there will be an attempt to work it out. They're hopeful that they work it out and it's not a dead deal," Meltzer said.

If Punk and AEW can work out their issues once again ultimately remains to be seen. 

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