Report: Weird WWE On Air Policy Revealed

Another Vince-ism...

At WWE SummerSlam last weekend, fans will not have been surprised to see Seth Rollins walking to the ring with a grimace on his face after being attacked by Brock Lesnar numerous times on Monday Night Raw recently.

However, if a report from those over at Wrestling Observer Radio is to be believed, then seeing Rollins selling the injuries handed to him by The Beast is indeed a surprise because WWE Superstars are told not to, allegedly:

Bryan Alvarez: “They tell the guys... don’t limp on your entrance, don’t sell during your entrance - do your same entrance.”

Dave Meltzer: "That's true."

If this policy from those behind the scenes in WWE is indeed true, then seeing Rollins approach Brock Lesnar on a recent episode of Raw while practically using a steel chair as a walking stick is rather strange - even though it made absolute sense at the time.

This is the first Vince-ism to be reported on in quite some time. Down the years, people appearing on WWE shows have been banned from using terms like 'professional wrestling/wrestler', and 'belt' - 'BECAUSE THEY HOLD YOUR PANTS UP, DAMMIT!'

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