Report: Why WWE Postponed Lex Luger Icons Documentary

The documentary was supposed to premiere on Sunday 4 July

WWE made the late decision to pull the impending Lex Luger 'Icons' Documentary from its premiere over the weekend.

The latest in the Icons series was set to premiere on Sunday 4 July, with the release centred around the anniversary of Luger bodyslamming Yokozuna aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York City on Independence Day 1993.

However, both the trailer and all advertising for the Luger episode was pulled from WWE digital channels and the company's YouTube channel, with the episode not airing on Sunday evening.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE made the decision to postpone the Luger 'Icons' documentary so it could be supported by a stronger lead-in, which means the promotion wants to time the premiere to coincide with a larger event such as an upcoming pay-per-view.

It had also been noted earlier in the week that other upcoming WWE documentaries, such as 'Superfan: The Story of Vladimir' and the Nexus story - originally slated to coincide with their decade anniversary - have been put on hold with no confirmed release dates.

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