Report: WWE Expected Chris Jericho To Return In 2024

WWE expected Chris Jericho to go back

Chris Jericho isn't going anywhere and the former AEW World Champion signed a new deal with All Elite Wrestling this week that will keep him under contract with the promotion through December 2025. Jericho will take on additional responsibilities as a producer and creative advisor as part of his new deal. 

Jericho originally signed with AEW at the company's founding in January 2019, putting pen to paper on a three-year deal with a two-year option reportedly for $3 million per year. Prior to his run in AEW, though, Jericho performed for WWE over two stints from 1999 until 2018 and there was an expectation within the company that Jericho would go back after his initial deal with AEW expired, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Jericho would then have one final run in WWE and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the end. 

It is known that Jericho maintained a good relationship with former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon to the point that The Painmaker told his former boss about the offer from AEW in 2019. 

Having signed a new deal with AEW that will keep him under contract until he's 55-years-old, the chances of one more WWE run would appear to be slim for Jericho. He will be well compensated as part of his new AEW deal, with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noting that Jericho received a raise that makes his new deal "the biggest contract of his life." 

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