Report: WWE In Talks To Legalise Betting On Match Results In The United States

What are the odds?

WWE are in talks with state regulators to legalise betting on scripted matches in the United States, according to a new report.

CNBC reported that WWE are speaking with state regulators in Colorado and Michigan to legalise betting on WWE matches, according to sources. 

WWE are working in conjunction with professional services consultancy firm EY to secure results and convince regulators that there is no chance of them leaking to the public. The report noted that EY (along with PwC) have worked with major awards shows like the Academy Awards to ensure that results are kept secret. WWE have cited betting on the Oscars (which isn't allowed in most states) as a template that is safe. 

One key difference, of course, is that while the winners of the Academy Awards are known to a select few ahead of time, they are not scripted by writers.

The Colorado Division of Gaming told CNBC that they are not currently considering betting as it relates to WWE. The state has a statute prohibiting wagers on fixed or predicted outcomes, including the Academy Awards. 

Should WWE be successful in their pursuit, it could fundamentally change how storylines and matches are booked. Citing people familiar with the situation, CNBC suggested that match outcomes could be locked in months ahead of time and that wrestlers wouldn't know whether they were winning or losing until shortly before their match takes place.

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