Report: WWE Raw Script 'Ripped Up' Before Show Once Again

Is anyone surprised?

The ripping-up and re-drafting of the script for WWE Monday Night Raw has become somewhat of a regular occurrence ahead of the show, and a new report suggests the same happened once again this week. 

PWInsider is reporting that, once again, the script for Raw this week was ripped up again and put back together throughout the day. The indecision led to a number of rematches on this week's episode of the red brand as WWE struggled to determine which direction to take the program. 

The report goes on to say that most of the first hour of the show was not set in stone until between 35-45 minutes before it was due to begin. The opening 60 minutes of last night's show saw Raw open in the same manner as it did last week - with WWE champion Bobby Lashley and MVP cutting a promo - before a multiple segment match between Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston.

Reports of late changes to the script on Raw continues a trend since WrestleMania 37 for WWE, with the Monday Night show repeatedly re-written frequently prior to going live.

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