Report: WWE Roster Easing Views On Saudi Arabia Events

The perception of Saudi Arabia events in changing within the WWE roster

The reception to WWE’s Saudi Arabia events since 2018 has been mixed to negative to say the least amidst controversies, though some reports have indicated that those on WWE’s roster are easing in their perceptions to these shows. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter detailed how views have changed.

“Things have come full circle since the beginning of the Saudi Arabia deal. A lot of talent wasn’t thrilled to go, and even more so after the hostage situation a few years back. Now we heard people talking about how much they loved the trip, there were three women’s matches out of seven bouts, Zayn was talking about what an experience it was. The audience was enthusiastic and the negativity of doing the show was minimal if at all. It’s still largely paid for propaganda by the government to make the country look good to the eyes of the world, but so many do business with Saudi Arabia and the Khashoggi murder, an ordered hit from the same government, is now something out of the past.”

As Meltzer mentioned, the events are still seen by many as examples of sportswashing, with the ease in perception being more due to it now being a normal and consistent part of the yearly WWE calendar.

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Written by Andrew Kelly