Report: WWE's Vince McMahon Likes Otis's Character

He continues to love big sweaty men...

Last night, WWE broadcast its first pay-per-view since WrestleMania 36 as Money In The Bank aired from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut. 

The most unique Money In The Bank Ladder matches in company history took place during the show as all 12 Superstars had to fight from the ground floor to the roof of WWE Headquarters to reach the briefcases. The matches included some memorable spots and after 27 minutes, Otis was crowned Mr. Money In The Bank after the briefcase fell fortuitously into his arms. 

Many fans were surprised by the result as Otis was considered the one Superstar who wouldn't win the Ladder match and other wrestlers like AJ Styles or Aleister Black were tipped to grab the briefcase instead.

Ultimately, the winner of the match would have been chosen by Vince McMahon and Dave Meltzer revealed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the boss likes Otis's character. Meltzer also noted that much of The Master Of The Caterpillar's material for his storyline with Mandy Rose has been written by McMahon.

For the avoidance of doubt, Meltzer penned: "Regarding the Otis/Rose storyline, and Andrea Listenberger, the writer who was released a few weeks ago and credited with it. A lot, perhaps most of the Otis stuff is from Vince McMahon who likes the character."

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