Report: WWE Surprised News Of Cody Rhodes' Injury Leaked Out

WWE are said to be surprised that news of Cody's injury got out ahead of Hell in a Cell.

People within WWE were reportedly shocked when news of Cody Rhodes' injury leaked ahead of Hell in a Cell, according to Sean Ross Sapp on the latest Backstage Report podcast, who said:

"I can tell you that people in WWE and near Cody were very surprised that this word emerged when it did. I mean, when he missed [a live event prior to Hell in a Cell] and couldn’t wrestle, there were obviously going to be people that were going to be poking around. I’m not sure why they were that surprised. From what I understand, less than ten people knew about it.  As I indicated to them, one person tells two, two people tell three, and pretty soon a guy like me or Dave Meltzer knows about it."

Cody went ahead with his main event Hell in a Cell match on Sunday night, despite suffering a torn pectoral muscle. He defeated Seth Rollins, but was the target of a revenge attack on last night's Raw - which will presumably allow him to be written out of storylines for a while.

H/T to WrestlingNews.co.

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