Raquel Rodriguez Reveals She Wanted To Keep Gonzalez As Her Last Name

Raquel Rodriguez comments on her ring name changing between NXT and the WWE main roster.

WWE Superstar and former NXT Women's Champion Raquel Rodriguez has given her thoughts on the recent change to her ring name. 

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Rodriguez (formerly Raquel Gonzalez) explained: 

"I wanted to keep Gonzalez because it represented me. It represents my legacy because it’s my real last name. It’s the name that my dad used while he was wrestling throughout his entire career as well. But I wasn’t upset about it. I’m glad that they still gave me something Hispanic, Rodriguez."

Since being called up to the main roster, Raquel has also fulfilled more of a traditional babyface role than we are perhaps used to seeing. Even when wrestling as a face in NXT, she usually maintained a straight-faced, intimidating presence - something fans have been quick to contrast with her current persona. On this topic, she said:

"When I first started at the Performance Center, they could not get me to stop smiling. I’m supposed to be this big and tall and intimidating character, and that was my biggest struggle really was trying to stay serious when you’re just having fun. I’m out there. I’m doing something I love. I’m having fun doing it. I’m doing it with my friends. Why wouldn’t you want to smile?"

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