Report: WWE To Possibly Repackage Maximum Male Models

Maximum Male Models have disappeared from WWE TV recently. Could this be why?

A report by Fightful Select states that WWE tag team Maximum Male Models could be repackaged - although specific details are said to be few and far between. 

Despite being a fairly regular part of WWE TV last autumn, appearances for Ma.çé and Mån.sôör have been far more scarce in 2023. Their last televised match was a Raw battle royal on May 15, but in terms of main roster tag matches, they have only had one such bout this year - a loss to Legado del Fantasma on January 20. 

Fightful Select have suggested a link between the usage of Maximum Male Models and the involvement of Vince McMahon in WWE's day-to-day product, explaining: "Those that we’ve heard from within WWE creative said that McMahon was originally high on Maximum Male Models, but didn’t want them to be 'flamboyant.' That course was corrected under Triple H, who encouraged that. However, since Vince McMahon's return, that has been scaled back significantly, as has their usage in general."

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