Report: WWE Viewed WBD As A "Long Shot" For TV Deal

WWE see WBD as loyal to AEW

It emerged in reports this week that the favourites to land a deal with WWE for Monday Night Raw included the likes of Warner Bros Discovery and Disney. 

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has provided some insight into a potential WBD deal with WWE, and how WWE have viewed their chances of agreeing to anything on that front. Due to AEW currently being TBS and TNT, there has been some uncertainty around whether this will factor into a WWE deal with WBD. WWE certainly seemed to think so, with Meltzer reporting that WWE viewed WBD as “long shot” due to believing that they owned a percentage of AEW. 

Meltzer also noted that those in WBD said there is nothing in any of the rumours suggesting that RAW could end up on TBS and TNT. It is also said that Nick Khan reportedly approached WBD with a pitch in October, but was ultimately turned down. Either way, it looks as though a deal could be finalised soon for WWE and Monday Night Raw, with the expected figure to be in the region of $387 million per year. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly