Bryan Danielson Confirms He Was Part Of Disciplinary Committee That Decided To Fire CM Punk From AEW

Bryan Danielson was indeed one of the people who decided CM Punk's AEW fate

It was reported throughout the week that Bryan Danielson was one of the members of a disciplinary committee who ultimately decided the fate of CM Punk in AEW, which led to his firing a few months back. It wasn’t entirely clear how much of an impact Danielson had, but he was directly asked about it in an interview on Maggie & Perloff, where he confirmed to be part of committee, but also debunked some rumours. 

"Yeah, I'm a part of the disciplinary committee. Clearly, what happened has happened. I'm somebody who, I like CM Punk, I think he brought a lot to AEW while he was there. There is not a lot I can say about it, or that I want to say about it. I am part of it. It's really funny, you know how the internet is. Some people say I was the head of the disciplinary committee. There were more than three people involved in this decision, but most of them were all lawyers. To say that I was the head, I don't even have a college degree [laughs]. I'm not in there bossing people around. I am part of the disciplinary committee."

Bryan went on to reveal that it was in fact difficult coming to the decision in the end, but he wished Punk all the best in his future with WWE. 

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