WWE Lays Off More Employees

More lay-offs following WWE's sale to Endeavor

Following some quite sizable lay-offs back in September following the WWE/UFC merger to form TKO, where over 100 individuals lost their jobs, it seems as though WWE are back at it again with some more firings, with it being described as “another round”. 

Per Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics in a tweet, this comes in the form of corporate employees. He stated, WWE has laid off more corporate employees today, according to multiple people at the company. This follows layoffs of more than 100 employees in September following the closing of the TKO merger.” This was then later confirmed by other sources too. 

It was later revealed that those in finance, sales & partnerships, production, and human relations were among the teams taking the biggest hits this time around, with notable names including Senior Vice President of Financial Planning Michael Weitz, who had been with the company for several years (since back in 2006), heading up investor relations. He was someone often heard on WWE’s earning calls. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly