Revealed: Original Plan For The End Of Goldberg's Streak

The initial plan for Goldberg's streak-ending loss at WCW Starrcade 1998 has been revealed.

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan has revealed his original plan to end Goldberg's legendary undefeated streak. 

Goldberg's famous streak came to an end at WCW Starrcade 1998, when he lost to Kevin Nash after interference from a cattle prod-wielding Scott Hall. In a recent interview with WrestleZone, Sullivan has revealed that things would have gone quite differently if he'd had his own way, stating:

"The day he got beat [...] my finish was, rather than a cattle prod and 12 people running down. I wanted Bill [Goldberg] to whip Kevin [Nash] into the corner, go for his charge, Kevin move out of the way, Bill [would] hit the post and come back out. Kevin gives him a big boot, gives him the powerbomb, and beats him 1-2-3.

"Why I wanted that was because he had won clean all the time. I wanted him to lose clean. It’s like when Mike Tyson went over and fought [Buster] Douglas, nobody thought Douglas had a chance. But Mike got knocked out. It was a clean knockout. It wasn’t a referee’s decision or a split decision by the referee or two judges."

By WCW's count, Goldberg secured 173 wins before finally losing to Kevin Nash. Da' Man became WCW United States Champion and WCW World Heavyweight Champion prior to Starrcade 1998. 

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