AEW Texas Death Match Between Hangman Page & Swerve Strickland Slammed By Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette blasts Hangman Page vs. Swerve Strickland from AEW Full Gear

The Texas Death Match between Hangman Adam Page and Swerve Strickland at AEW Full Gear has received praise from much of the wrestling world and the contest is expected to receive some votes when it comes to Match of the Year voting in December.

The match was a particularly gruesome affair, with Hangman Page's rampage with a stapler opening the contest. This was followed by barbed wire getting stuck to Hangman's Page face and the former AEW World Champion drinking Swerve Strickland's blood and then spraying the liquid into the air like Triple H.

The match does have its detractors, though, and to no one's surprise one of them is regular AEW critic Jim Cornette. The former Midnight Express manager didn't take issue with the level of violence, though, and he went on a spirited rant about Hangman Page stapling Swerve Strickland instead of hitting him in the face with the staple gun. 

"Okay, so then Hangnail gets a staple gun and staples Swerve's chest, he's stapling him in the titties. Not the nipples, that's against the Geneva Convention. And then he gets a format or a piece of paper or whatever, and he staples it to Swerve's arm. Now, meanwhile, Brian, you know what a staple gun looks like? You worked in an office? Do you think most of the people know what a staple gun looks like? It's a big metal thing and you squeeze it and it's got the thing that goes across your fingers and you squeeze it and it staples, right?" Cornette began on his 'Jim Cornette Experience' podcast.

"If you're in a fight with a motherf*cker, especially if you look like Adam Page and the other motherf*cker looks like Swerve Strickland. And you've got a staple gun in your hand. Are you going to staple him in the titty? Or are you going to draw back and punch him in the bridge of the f*cking nose with it? That's the idea. He's got brass knuckles on his hand and he's stapling this motherf*cker's arm. And then he stapled his face and Swerve is letting him do it. And because we know that this is all fake, because of the general overall presentation of AEW, people are sitting there going well this stupid motherf*cker is letting this other stupid motherf*cker staple his f*cking cheek, and his titties!

"And at that point, somehow he's busted Swerve open also and Swerve hit a gusher and starts pouring blood. And this is where Page lays down on his back as Swerve is bending over bleeding from his head, lays down on his back and opens his mouth so that he can drink Swerve's blood to show how badass he is," Cornette continued.

"And I believe at that point, you know again I go back to when Lyndon Johnson said after Cronkite came back from Vietnam if we've lost Cronkite, we've lost America. I think they've lost the female audience that they might not have had to begin with on that one. And again, they might have lost the network that they potentially might or might not have had off of that one. You f*cking idiot, he's no better than the plumber or the f*cking bank-addicted drug robber. He got more hair, that's it, Page. Otherwise, he is as stupid, and demented and f*cking distasteful."

Hangman Page has sent a message to Swerve Strickland since their match, while Strickland appears reluctant to continue their programme at the moment. Swerve picked up the win in the Texas Death Match after "hanging the hangman" and he holds a 2-0 record over the former AEW World Champion.

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