Rey Mysterio Reveals Daughter Aalyah Has Expressed An Interest In Wrestling

Aalyah featured in a WWE storyline last year

Rey Mysterio has revealed his daughter Aalyah has asked him about potentially getting into the wrestling world.

Aalyah and the entire Mysterio family was involved in a WWE storyline throughout 2020 as Rey and Dominik faced off against Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. Aalyah would become a central point of the angle towards the end of the year, becoming romantically involved with Rey's daughter.

A COVID outbreak would see the story quietly dropped and Aalyah stopped appearing on WWE television, but it appears that Mysterio's daughter has caught the wrestling bug, asking her dad about following him and her brother into the business.

Speaking to TV Insider, Mysterio revealed: "Not too long ago she asked, 'Dad, what would you say if I wanted to step in the ring?' I said, 'As long as you don’t leave your career behind.'

"She wants to join the medical field. As long as she does that and tries wrestling as a second option, I don’t mind. She always had the curiosity to take a bump, hit the ropes. I said whenever you want to try it, let me know. I think it’s in the back of her mind. She is very dedicated to her school and education. I’m proud of that right now."

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