Rey Mysterio Reveals Who He Would Like To See Dominik Wrestle In Debut WWE Match

"But Cesaro would do incredible as well just because of the height..."

Rey Mysterio's son Dominik is preparing for his debut WWE match by training with the likes of Lance Storm and Jay Lethal. 

While Rey has been embroiled in a rivalry with Seth Rollins that almost cost the former World Heavyweight an eye, Dom hasn't seen much in the way of in-ring action on WWE cards since Survivor Series 2019 season. 

Back on the June 1 episode of WWE Raw, however, Rey responded to the retirement ceremony The Monday Night Messiah held in his honour. While doing so, Dominik interrupted and said: "What my dad is trying to say is that set Rollins is no messiah, he's barely even a human being. Something needs to be done about him, someone from this family... how can I chill? He tried to end your [Rey's] career and now he's out there lying about how he was forced to do that to you. That's a bunch of BS and we both know that."

Could a match between Dominik and Rollins be on the cards? 

Speaking with GalaxyCon’s Rock Around the Ring, Mysterio revealed who he would like to see Dominik step into the ring with for his first official WWE outing: “I think without a doubt, just because of the style he brings, Andrade would be awesome, Andrade or [Angel] Garza. I think they would be incredible against my son.

"But Cesaro would do incredible as well just because of the height. Dominik is 6’2″ 195 pounds and still to this day I tell my wife I’d love to DNA him because I believe he’s not my son!”

Thanks to SESCOOPS for the transcription used in this article. 

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