WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Wants Big Match With The Undertaker

"There's a good story there. I know the match would absolutely deliver...”

Ahead of the latest episode of The Last Ride airing on the WWE Network following the Backlash pay-per-view on Sunday night, Drew McIntyre has revealed that he wants The Undertaker's career to continue so they can meet in a big singles match. 

Speaking with The Daily Star, McIntyre painted a picture of what a current day feud with The Deadman might look like:  “There was a time, over 10 years ago, where we were going to be building a big singles match with The Undertaker and I. We had one match right before [his match] when Shawn Michaels was retired, and that was my first official defeat. We had a tag team match as well... and a couple of moments when we went face-to-face. The crowd started rumbling when he started doing the throat-cut and I rose up behind him and Roman saved him from the Claymore Kick.. and afterwards he seemed pretty happy. 

"I really think, given the right circumstances and considering our history and the fact he gave me my first official defeat, there's a good story there. I know the match would absolutely deliver.”

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription used in this article. 

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