Rhea Ripley Discusses Her & Nikki A.S.H's Similarities To RK-Bro

Ripley can see a lot in common

Rhea Ripley believes there are significant similarities between her tag-team with Nikki A.S.H and the team Randy Orton and Riddle have formed. 

Both Ripley and Nikki and RK-Bro have served as the Tag Team Champions of their respective divisions in 2021 and The Nightmare feels the two teams have a lot in common, given that one member of the team acts a lot like the annoying younger sibling.

Speaking to Metro, Ripley said: "It’s funny, there was actually a moment where we had done our entrance and we were waiting in the ring and it went to a break so everything when black. When we came back from break, RK-Bro’s promo was at that time and it was on the big screen.

"I was watching it with Nikki, and I was like, ‘Look it’s us!’ I was pointing at it and I looked into the crowd like, ‘It’s the guy version of us!’ This guy in the crowd just burst out laughing. I love it, I love it so much and I think they’re just incredible.

"They’re so funny, and Riddle is just so annoying to Randy and I love every minute of it, it’s exactly how Nikki is to me. They’re like our little siblings, you know? You can’t hate them! You just tolerate them."

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