Rhyno Discusses Why He Left WWE

He recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast...

Back in May, Rhyno revealed that he was going to leave WWE when his contract expired in July. The Man Beast appeared sporadically on TV with the company in 2019 and made his last appearance at WrestleMania 35 in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Rhyno recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss why he chose to leave the company. He explained the main contributor to his decision was that he knew he would have been miserable sitting at home collecting a pay cheque, as many of his friends and family had passed away in recent years.

Rhyno elaborated: "I thought to myself, 'there’s a lot of talent there, you’re going to sit at home and collect a pay cheque, is that where I want to be? Will I be happy?'... I think I love being on the road just interacting with people but I get to escape from my problems at home… Both my parents are gone, my brother passed away about two years ago from cancer just out of nowhere…when I’m on the road he’s like a phone call away."

The former SmackDown Tag Team champion also explained he loves wrestling on the independent scene because he can pass on his knowledge and experience to younger wrestlers, which he would not have been able to do in WWE.

Rhyno added: "This is another reason why I really like the Indies in my job, I want to find the next Rock, the next Jericho, the next Steve Austin. I couldn’t do that sitting at home. I thought if I threw out a large enough number and they (WWE) agreed to it would I be miserable? I probably would be sitting at home, but I could try and open a wrestling school or do shows but I’m not helping the guys, the men and women, because it’s nice to pass on the knowledge I got working with you (Jericho), working with Austin."

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