Ricky Starks Getting Antsy To Wrestle More In AEW

Tony Khan is just taking things slow, though

Since returning from a three-month spell on the sidelines with a fractured neck in July, Ricky Starks has only wrestled 10 times in All Elite Wrestling and on Chris Jericho's cruise, with only three of those matches having taken place on Dynamite or Rampage. 

Speaking about his absence from the ring on AEW's flagship shows on Rasslin', Starks noted he thinks Tony Khan is just taking things slow but 'Absolute' does get antsy about not being in the ring. 

"That, I mean, that's not, I don't think that's a question for me. The thing is, so back in April, I had a fracture in my neck and I had fractured my neck on Dynamite, and I was out for like three months. Then I came back and had the match in July in Austin, where I won the FTW Title. And since then... I've been on and off, in terms of like having matches and whatnot. I've been cleared since July," Starks said.

"The only thing I can think of is, AEW and Tony Khan specifically, they're just taking things slow. So I look at it as a blessing but then you know, you have the other part where I do get antsy and I wanna be in there. I wanna be wrestling all the time. But..."

While he may not be in the ring much on Dynamite or Rampage, Starks does have a consistent presence on the Friday-night show, having replaced Mark Henry at the commentary table.

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