Road Dogg Says Billy Gunn Is Right Alongside Daniel Day-Lewis As A Method Actor

Road Dogg has compared Billy Gunn’s acting skills to Daniel Day-Lewis…

Road Dogg has praised his long-time tag partner Billy Gunn, saying that ‘Daddy Ass’ skills as a method actor are up there with… Daniel Day-Lewis.

Yes, the father of The Acclaimed is comparable with the three-time Best Actor Oscar Winner who is often heralded as one of the finest actors of all time, according to Road Dogg anyway, with Jesse James saying the following on the Oh... You Didn’t Know podcast:

“Well, look. He’s a wiz-erker. He worked us all. Man, he’s such a method actor. I think he’s very much right next to Daniel Day-Lewis, as far as method acting and how far he’s willing to take the secret, with his fake retirement. He took his boots off in the ring. That’s commitment to the act, to the character. Then he came back, put them back on, and won titles with them. Same boots. He’s a worker, man," Road Dogg said about Billy Gunn’s fake retirement in AEW ahead of All In.

Daniel Day-Lewis is known to have taken his craft very seriously, with his commitment to method acting seeing him catch pneumonia during the filming of Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York as he refused to wear a winter jacket, learned dressmaking for two years ahead of his role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, and lived in a self-built log cabin for his role in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Billy Gunn, on the other hand, has spent his life committed to the role of loving bum cheeks and scissoring. Perhaps Road Dogg has a point.

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