Rob Van Dam Claims Stephanie McMahon Told Him To "Be Discreet" About Marijuana Use

He didn't exactly try to hide it...

Former WWE, ECW, and TNA World champion Rob Van Dam has been synonymous for decades with the use of cannabis, and has incorporated his usage into his professional identity.

In an interview with High Times (along with fellow wrestlers Paul London and Matt "Evan Bourne" Sydal), Van Dam shared some of his experiences in cases where his marijuana use and professional wrestling collided. Upon joining WWE in 2001, Stephanie McMahon reportedly gave Van Dam some free advice about his use going forward.

“She said, ‘Look if you’re going to get high, at least be discreet about it," Van Dam remembers. The ECW icon also recalls her telling him to change his shirt, due to its apparent pungent odor.

In the same interview, London revealed that it was Van Dam who offered him his first hit of the substance in his mid-twenties, to which London added, “It’s kind of like being taught how to sing by Elvis.”

Van Dam also talked about being forced to drop both the WWE and ECW titles shortly after a 2006 arrest for possession. He noted that his subsequent 30-day suspension coincided with the downfall of the ECW brand, saying, “No trial, no nothing. It was way better before I got busted. When I came back, it was going downhill fast to its ultimate destruction.”

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