Rob Van Dam Clarifies Comment Made During 'Plane Ride From Hell' Dark Side Of The Ring Episode

RVD was a significant interviewee in the episode

Rob Van Dam has moved to clear up any confusion surrounding his comments made during the 'Plane Ride From Hell' episode of Dark Side Of The Ring. 

RVD was a significant interviewee in the most recent episode of Dark Side Of The Ring. The former WWE Champion was a passenger on the flight and recounted what he saw during the now infamous flight in 2002, as well as providing context and insight into the culture of the WWE locker room 20 years ago.

One of the major takeaways from the episode is an accusation of sexual assault from flight attendant Heidi Doyle against Ric Flair, who claims the 72-year-old forced her to touch his penis after blocking her into a tight space, while just wearing a robe.

During his interview for the show, RVD said he saw Flair crowding Doyle, and has now moved to clarify his remarks.

Writing on Twitter, RVD said: "Just watched DSOTR. Heavy. Some insight for those who can handle it:

"1) I haven’t seen Ric Flair’s d*ck. My comment about fans shouldn’t see him doing the helicopter was a response to DSOTR telling me that’s what they were told. They shouldn’t. I don’t want to see it either.

"2) I said “trying to make her touch him” referring to his body crowding her space and her backing up like bad breath was in her face. I thought maybe they were playing (from seeing a similar scene at the hotel bar) but I wasn’t interested in naked Ric. Still ain’t. I tried to sleep."

A fan pointed out to the WWE Hall Of Famer that many viewers of the Dark Side Of The Ring episode believe he said he saw Flair take the flight attendant's hand and place it on his genitals, and asked Van Dam to confirm what it was he actually saw. 

RVD responded: "I can confirm I didn’t see that and I didn’t say that. Creative editing will have people hearing it different ways."

Flair has issued multiple statements in the aftermath of the recent episode, denying the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

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