ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 Results

Check out the ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 results below!

For the first time since WrestleMania 39 weekend, Ring of Honor returned to pay-per-view as Death Before Dishonor emanated from the CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton, New Jersey on Friday, July 21. 

ROH's original plans for the pay-per-view didn't come to fruition but the Tony Khan-owned promotion still had plenty of entertaining matches on the card, including Claudio Castagnoli vs. PAC for the ROH World Championship, Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia for the ROH Pure Title, and Athena vs. Willow Nightingale for the ROH Women's World Championship.

Check out the full ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023 results below!

Josh Woods def. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams - Pure Rules Match - Zero Hour

Josh Woods vs. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams kicked off the Zero Hour pre-show with a Pure Rules Match with Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, and Christopher Daniels at ringside as the judges. 

The first rope break was used by Tracy Williams as he looked to escape an Armbar and Williams made a mistake moments later, grabbing the ropes again to escape more offence from the former ROH Pure Champion. Woods then picked up a close near fall following a Gutwrench Suplex while Williams was draped on the ropes. 

Hot Sauce soon fired back and he connected with a Pump Handle Brainbuster but Woods managed to get his shoulder up at two. Williams followed up with a Piledriver and that looked to be it but Woods got his foot to the bottom rope, using one of his rope breaks in the process. Woods fired back with some vicious knees and hit a Gutwrench Powerbomb for a near fall before Woods applied the Gorilla Lock. Williams used his final rope break to survive and Woods made his opponent pay soon after with a German Suplex on the apron, the hardest part of the ring. 

As Williams tried to climb back into the ring, Woods applied the Gorilla Lock again in the ropes and Hot Sauce was left with no choice but to tap out. 

Action Andretti & Darius Martin def. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry) - Zero Hour

The Workhorsemen attacked their opponents before the bell and the well-oiled machine of Anthony Henry and JD Drake dominated the opening minutes, much to the annoyance of the fans in Trenton, New Jersey. Darius Martin eventually managed to make the hot tag and Action Andretti decked JD Drake with a Pump Kick following a flip from his opponent's back. Andretti followed up with a Double Running Shooting Star Press for a near fall and he then went for an Olympic Slam, only to be chopped away by Drake. Some tandem offence then led to a Satellite DDT from Andretti to Drake for another two count. 

The Workhorsemen fired back with a Double Stomp-Moonsault combination and Darius Martin was down and out, only for Andretti to break up the pin with a Death Valley Driver to Henry onto the back of Drake. Hendry then missed the tag between Darius Martin and Action Andretti and the babyfaces decked Henry with a Superkick into a German Suplex. Drake tagged in but Andretti managed to hoist him up this time for a Shotgun Dropkick-Rolling Neckbreaker combination for the 1-2-3. 

The two teams adhered to the Code of Honor after the match, shaking hands. It was then announced that Action Andretti and Darius Martin will take on Bullet Club Gold on tomorrow night's edition of AEW Collision. 

"Legit" Leyla Hirsch def. Trish Adora - Zero Hour

Leyla Hirsch went one-on-one with The Infantry's Trish Adora in the third match of the pre-show with both women looking to draw closer to a shot at the ROH Women's World Championship. Hirsch slapped away Adora's hand to start the match, ignoring the Code of Honor. 

Both competitors exchanged submissions in the early going until Hirsch took control, taking out Adora's knee when the Infantry member tried to step away. Hirsch next went after Adora's arm, levelling Trish with a Penalty Kick to the limb before she applied a Triangle Choke. Adora managed to power out and followed up with Double Axe Handles and a Crossbody for a two count. Another near fall for Adora followed after a German Suplex. 

Hirsch took control once again with a Basement Shotgun Dropkick, only for Adora to fire back with an Inside Backbreaker. Adora then went for her Clothesline finisher but Hirsch blocked it and some pinning combinations led to Hirsch locking in the Cross Armbreaker for the submission victory to move her ROH record to 3-0. 

The two women looked set to shake hands after the match but Hirsch applied the Cross Armbreaker again, only letting go after Skye Blue made the save. It was announced that Skye Blue will take on Taya Valkyrie on tomorrow's edition of AEW Collision. 

AR Fox def. Shane Taylor - Zero Hour

It didn't take long for AR Fox to get to the big moves, hitting a dive over the top rope before he followed up with a Sunset Flip to the floor, taking out Shane Taylor. Shane Taylor soon connected with some offence of his own back in the ring and the former ROH World Television Champion hit some brutal chops and forearms to floor his opponent. 

Fox withstood Taylor's shots, hitting a crazy Springboard Shooting Star Press into a 450 Splash to wipe out Taylor on the outside. Fox then hit a Cutter and he avoided a Chokeslam attempt from Taylor, connecting with an Enziguri. Taylor fired back with a Headbutt, Uranage, and a huge splash but Fox managed to get his shoulder up. Taylor went for a Leg Drop on the apron but there was no one there and Fox hit a Codebreaker and DDT while Taylor was in the ropes for a near fall. 

Later, Shane Taylor hit Welcome To The Land but Fox managed to grab the ropes just before the referee counted the three. Taylor went for a Marcus Garvey Driver but Fox escaped and hit a Death Valley Driver before the 450 Splash for the victory. Fox gains momentum ahead of his AEW International Title match with Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite. 

Gravity def. Komander

After four pre-show matches, it was time for the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view to get underway and Ring of Honor kicked off with a lucha showcase as Bandido's brother Gravity went one-on-one with his former Big Lucha partner Komander. The match was only Gravity's second-ever ROH match, having lost to Rey Fenix in June, while Komander has a 5-2 record in ROH in 2023. 

Donning an astronaut suit for his entrance, Gravity used his lucha libre offence to pick up the first pinning combination of the match before Komander had one of his own moments later. Tope Con Giro from Komander soon after before a Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Gravity fired back, almost getting caught in the ropes before he managed to recover and hit a dive over the turnbuckle to the outside. Lasso from El Paso from Gravity followed for another near fall. 

Komander later went for a Moonsault but ate a boot to the face from Gravity, who followed up with a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Another Powerbomb failed to put Komander away and the AEW star hit a huge floating Moonsault as the crowd went wild. Gravity then hit an Arm Drag from the top rope, freezing in the process of hitting the move. Komander floored Gravity with an Enziguri and Komander walked the ropes before a Springboard Moonsault for the nearest of near falls. 

Both men then headed to the top rope with Komander hitting an Avalanche Frankensteiner. Komander went for the pin but Gravity caught him out of nowhere with a quick roll-up for the 1-2-3. 

Could an AEW/ROH deal be on the horizon for Gravity? Maybe and the luchador will have the chance to shine on AEW TV as it was announced he will face PAC (Gravity vs. The Man That Gravity Forgot) on next week's AEW Dynamite. If PAC wins in the semi-main event, the Dynamite match will be for the ROH World Championship. 

Samoa Joe (c) def. Dalton Castle - ROH World Television Championship 

Former ROH world champions faced off in the second match of Death Before Dishonor as Dalton Castle challenged Samoa Joe for the ROH World Television Title. Both competitors adhered to the Code of Honor, Samoa Joe somewhat mockingly shaking his opponent's hand. 

Chants of "New champ!" filled the arena after the bell rang and Dalton Castle had the crowd going wild as he ran around at ringside and screamed into the camera. Castle then entered the ring and rocked Joe with an Elbow and DDT. Duelling chants followed as Castle remained on offence, hitting some Standing Splashes before he applied a Sleeper. Joe fought back with some brutal chops and a Big Boot before a Senton as a wry smile spread across the champion's face. 

Joe began to methodically work over the challenger, shutting down a brief flurry from Castle with a Running Elbow. The Boys irritated Samoa Joe soon after as they repeatedly threw Dalton Castle back into the ring whenever Joe tossed Castle to the outside and looked to hit some offence at ringside. This provided the opening for another flurry from Castle which Joe put down with a Snap Powerslam. 

The Boys later stopped Castle from falling. Castle then went for a Suicide Dive as Joe did his trademark walk-away, only for The Boys to catch their favourite person. Castle then followed up with a Hurricanrana on the outside and a Hip Suplex back in the ring before the challenger connected with a Jumping Knee and German Suplex. 

With Joe on the outside, the champion screamed at Stokely Hathaway, who was on commentary, to "fix this." The ROH Director of Authority then demanded the referee throw out The Boys, which Stephon Smith agreed to do for some reason. This provided Joe with a breather and the ROH World Television Champion decked Castle with a Low Blow while Hathaway distracted the referee. Joe then applied the Coquina Clutch to score the victory by referee stoppage. 

Samoa Joe remains ROH World Television Champion.  

Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) def. The Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) (c) & Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) & The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) - Four-Way for the ROH World Tag Team Championships 

The ROH World Tag Team Championships were on the line in the next match of the night and all four teams enjoyed time on top in the early going before the Lucha Brothers hit the first huge moves of the night with stereo Top Con Giros to the floor. Trent Beretta then hit a big move of his own, decking Mike Bennett with a Superplex to the outside onto everyone else in the match. Matt Taven managed to stop Beretta from capitalising, though, levelling Trent with a Frog Splash before Mike Bennett made the cover for a near fall. 

The Kingdom worked over Trent until he managed to make the hot tag to Penta El Zero Miedo, who decked Matt Taven with a Package Piledriver for a near fall. Penta went for the move again but Taven rolled through, with Kyle Fletcher tagging in. Aussie Open then cleaned house with a Reverse Razor's Edge to Penta before Matt Taven broke up the pin. Rockstar Supernova from The Kingdom looked to end the match but Chuck Taylor broke up the pin. 

The Kentucky Gentleman then helped Trent with a Superplex to Taven and they were about to give the people what they want until Mike Benett attacked them. The big hug was then blocked again, this time by Matt Taven before Maria Kanellis-Bennett offered to hug Chucky T. Taylor turned her down, finally giving the people what they wanted by embracing Trent. Aussie Open and Best Friends then exchanged Piledrivers before the Lucha Brothers connected with their Double Stomp-Package Piledriver finisher to Mark Davis, only for Mike Bennett to break up the pin. 

The Kingdom hit a Hail Mary to Penta but the former Lucha Underground star kicked out at one! Proton Pack attempt from The Kingdom failed and Penta was about to hit a Package Piledriver to Taven but Trent tagged in. Best Friends then hit Storm Zero to Taven and that looked to be it but the Lucha Brothers pulled the official out of the ring as hostilities between Best Friends and the ROH World Tag Team Champions boiled over. 

Taven then looked to steal the win back in the ring but Mark Davis broke up the pin. Trent was then at the mercy of Aussie Open and they connected with their Coriolis finisher to become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions! 

Mogul Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun, & Toa Liona) (c) def. Master Wato, Ryusuke Taguchi, & Leon Ruffin - ROH World Six-Man Championships

Brian Cage and Ryusuke Taguchi flexed their muscles in the opening moments before the champions took control, dominating former WWE NXT North American Champion Leon Ruffin, with Prince Nana even getting in on the action when the official wasn't looking (a rough night for Stephon Smith). Brian Cage even used Ruffin to do curls before he yeeted Leon across the ring. Big Bill may have been impressed as he was shown backstage watching the action. 

Ruffin managed to put some distance between himself and Bishop Kaun and make the hot tag to Master Wato and the Best of the Super Juniors winner ran wild, putting Kaun down with a Bulldog before a Leg Lariat sent Cage crashing to the mat. Zig Zag to Kaun followed as Wato scored a near fall before a Sunset Flip for another near fall. Wato was then levelled by a Belly to Belly Suplex from Toa Liona but the Mogul Embassy member was put down moments later by some stinging offence from Ryusuke Taguchi's bottom. Taguchi then applied the Ankle Lock to Bishop Kaun until Liona made the save. Cage hit a 619 to Master Wato and Taguchi answered in kind to the Machine. 

Interference from Prince Nana then backfired as Ryusuke Taguchi decked Kaun with a Low Blow. A Roll Up looked to hand the win to the challengers but Toa Liona stopped Stephon Smith from counting the three. Leon Ruffin then impressed with a Springboard Cutter to Cage before he went for a Springboard Crossbody to Toa Liona, only to be caught in mid-air by the champion. A huge Triple Throw into the air followed and Toa Liona showed the ultimate disrespect, sitting on Ruffin to pick up the win. 

The Mogul Embassy remain ROH World Six Man Champions. 

Katsuyori Shibata (c) def. Daniel Garcia - ROH Pure Championship 

Daniel Garcia refused the Code of Honor handshake from Katsuyori Shibata, instead doing his trademark dance that has only grown in popularity in recent weeks. Grappling started out the match until Daniel Garcia continued to dance, only for Shibata to stand on his opponent's hands and attempt a Penalty Kick, which Garcia managed to avoid. Garcia soon found himself in a Figure Four Leglock and he used his first rope break to escape. 

Garcia went to the outside to give himself a breather and he seemingly baited Shibata in, throwing his opponent into the barricade. The Jericho Appreciation Society member then mocked Shibata, doing the Wrestler's trademark pose in the middle of the ring. This only p*ssed off Shibata as he threw Garcia from pillar to post before he booted Garcia over the barricade and into the crowd. 

The challenger soon fired back and paraded around ringside with the ROH Pure Title before he worked over Shibata back in the ring, targeting the champion's right arm. Shibata then danced like his life depended on it, gyrating for a whole minute, which led to Shibata sitting down in front of him. Garcia then danced down to the mat, declaring he was a sports entertainer. Shibata then slapped Garcia in the face and proceeded to boot him in the face before a huge Dropkick in the corner. 

Daniel Garcia managed to withstand the offence, applying the Walls of Jericho which Shibata reversed into a Triangle Choke. The submissions continued until Garcia went for the Three Amigos and the two men exchanged Suplexes. An exchange of Lariats followed before they collapsed to the mat with Double Clotheslines as the arena filled with applause. 

Garcia reversed a Ripcord Lariat attempt into the Sharpshooter and Shibata managed to escape by wrapping his arm around Garcia's throat. Both men exchanged Open Hand Chops before Shibata locked in the Sleeper. Garcia continued to dance as he faded away and Shibata decked his opponent with a Penalty Kick to pick up the win and continue his reign as ROH Pure Champion. 

After the match, Shibata offered to shake Garcia's hand but the Jericho Appreciation Society member simply gave him the middle finger. Shibata then forced Garcia to raise his hand and their issues look set to lead to a future rematch. 

Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, & John Silver) def. Stu Grayson & The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) - Fight Without Honor

The hostilities between Evil Uno and Stu Grayson led to a Fight Without Honor between The Righteous' Vincent & Dutch as well as Stu Grayson as they took on Dark Order's Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds. The former Super Smash Bros partners wasted no time going after each other, brawling to open the match before Grayson Speared Uno through the ropes to send them crashing through a table. Johnny Hungee then grabbed a two-by-four, while Dutch had one covered in barbed wire. After a brawl, Silver sent the barbed wire two-by-four flying into Dutch's face before he wrenched it across his forehead, leaving the Righteous member covered in blood mere minutes into the match. 

Alex Reynolds was next left covered in blood from the barbed wire two-by-four. Less than five minutes in and we had thumbtacks in the ring, introduced by John Silver. Hungee then had a prickly back following a Fallaway Slam on the tacks from Dutch. Stu Grayson tried to take advantage but he was levelled by multiple steel chair shots from Evil Uno. Vincent got back in the ring to even the odds and he ripped at Evil Uno's mask, exposing much of the Dark Order member's face as Uno ended up busted open. 

All of the heels took turns licking Uno's blood before John Silver made the save, only for them to try and put him through a table with a Razor's Edge. Alex Reynolds made the save with a steel chair and Dark Order almost picked up the win following Silver and Reynolds' finisher to Dutch. This gave Evil Uno time to recover and he took out Stu Grayson and Vincent with shots to the head with the barbed wire two-by-four. Evil Uno then brought out Lego - the worst weapon in all of pro wrestling - and Dark Order looked to take out Vincent but Stu Grayson saved his messiah. 

Dutch hit Uno with a Powerbomb on the pile of Thumbtacks and Lego. Vincent followed up with a Senton Bomb to John Silver on the table but it didn't break so Stu Grayson hit a Frog Splash, this time breaking the table. Dutch hit another Powerbomb to Evil Uno on the Lego back in the ring and that looked to be all she wrote but Evil Uno kicked out! Reynolds next sent Dutch crashing through a barbed wire-covered table, putting him out of commission. John Silver then revealed a thumbtack-covered boot in the ring and he hoofed Vincent in the face over and over again. 

The action came down to Evil Uno and Stu Grayson and Uno took another tumble into the Lego. Uno then found himself lying across two tables on the outside and Grayson set up a huge ladder back in the ring. Stu then put his body on the line but before he could jump, Uno scurried from the tables and tipped the ladder, sending Grayson plummeting through the tables on the outside. 

Having taken out his former tag team partner, Evil Uno and Dark Order made Grayson pay for his betrayal, putting him away with their trio finisher on the Lego to pick up the victory. 

Claudio Castagnoli (c) def. PAC - ROH World Championship 

Following the events of AEW Blood & Guts, PAC competed in his first Ring of Honor match since 2007, challenging Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship. The match was also only the second time the two men have faced off in singles action on TV, with their first encounter taking place back in 2013 when Cesaro successfully defended the WWE United States Title against Adrian Neville in NXT. 

Claudio Castagnoli wasted no time, connecting with a Pop-Up European Uppercut in the opening moments before PAC barely escaped a Neutraliser attempt. The match then settled down somewhat after the early flurry, with PAC hitting a huge Moonsault to the outside to take out the ROH World Champion as some fans briefly chanted "We The People" to cause boos in the arena. 

PAC later followed up with an Avalanche Brainbuster to leave Castagnoli stunned but Claudio still managed to kick out at two. Castagnoli then recovered from some PAC taunting and he destroyed PAC, sending the challenger flying from the ring and through a table on the outside with a Super Gorilla Press Slam, with pieces of wood flying everywhere when the Geordie crashed and burned. 

PAC managed to try and fight back but Claudio caught him with a Flapjack before the Neutraliser. The match looked to be over but PAC kicked out at 2.9. Claudio decided to mockingly kick the Bastard in the face, continuing the heel vs. heel matchup. Both men then exchanged offence and they ended up flattened following a Lariat from the ROH World Champion. 

Later, PAC went for an Avalanche Frankensteiner and Castagnoli initially blocked it, setting up for the Ricola Bomb, only for PAC to actually hit the Avalanche Frankensteiner. PAC then went for the Black Arrow but missed. Claudio tried to follow up with the Ricola Bomb but PAC locked in the Brutaliser. Claudio briefly escaped until PAC applied his submission finisher again! 

Castagnoli got back to his feet as PAC refused to let go, with Claudio hitting an Air Raid Crash to break up the move, possibly paying homage to Sheamus in the process. PAC next looked to expose a turnbuckle but Wheeler Yuta charged to the ring and distracted the challenger. This brief interference allowed Claudio to connect with a European Uppercut to the back of PAC's head before Castagnoli hit a Ricola Bomb to score the 1-2-3.

The interference brought out Penta and Rey Fenix as Death Triangle stood together and took out Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta. This then brought out Best Friends as the crowd went mild, continuing their issues from earlier in the night. The crowd then picked up again as Orange Cassidy headed to the ring and levelled PAC and Claudio Castagnoli with Orange Punches. Cassidy stared a mudhole through Yuta, signalling their issues may come to the fore again very soon. 

Athena (c) def. Willow Nightingale - ROH Women's World Championship 

Main event time next as the rubber match between Athena and Willow Nightingale headlined Death Before Dishonor with the ROH Women's World Championship on the line. Athena successfully defended the belt against Willow Nightingale back on a February episode of ROH TV while Willow defeated Athena in the semi-finals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament on AEW Collision, with Nightingale going on to win the tournament. 

Willow accused the champion of being a chicken in the early going and Athena wasn't a fan of the poultry-related mocking as she took control of the contest. Willow managed to fire back with a Spinebuster for a near fall, only for Athena to connect with a couple of brutal Forearms and a Dropkick to the back of the challenger's head before a Backbreaker into a Codebreaker for a two count. 

Willow took out Athena on the outside with a Crossbody from the apron before a Powerbomb on the apron. A Shotgun Dropkick then sent Willow crashing into the steel steps and Athena looked to capitalise with the Double Knees but Nightingale moved out of the way and hit a Cannonball into the steel steps to take out the ROH Women's World Champion. 

Athena fought back with a Standing Moonsault before Willow hit Smash Mouth for another two count. Willow then rolled through a Frankensteiner attempt and she paid homage to Sara Del Rey with the Royal Butterfly. Athena hit Obliteration next before a Sit-Out Powerbomb but Willow managed to kick out, much to the champion's frustration. 

Later, Athena tossed Nightingale into the steel steps and she connected with the O-Face. Everyone in attendance thought that was it but WIllow kicked out as the crowd exploded. Athena berated the official which provided the opening for Willow to hit her Powerbomb, only for the champion to kick out. The crowd urged the challenger to press home her advantage and Willow went for a Gutwrench, only to eat a second O-Face before Athena locked in the Crossface. Willow tried to roll through but Athena wrenched back, with the match ending by referee stoppage.

The fans in attendance were hoping for a title change but Athena remained ROH Women's World Champion to end Death Before Dishonor. 

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