ROH Tried To Bring CM Punk Back To Wrestling Before AEW Run

ROH allegedly made an attempt to bring CM Punk home before his AEW run

Despite how everything turned out, CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling at AEW’s First Dance in 2021 was a monumental feel good moment, with the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ returning to prominence after seven years in the wilderness.

During his time away from wrestling, Punk dabbled with acting, comic book writing, and an ill-fated stint in UFC. But former ROH owner Cary Silkin revealed to Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman that ROH approached Punk about a return to the company where he made his name:

"Then in 2020, pre-pandemic, when he was out of wrestling, Sinclair, when they were still trying to grow this was ... And I don't remember if it was before the first All Out, All In or after, might have been after that. Sinclair was trying to lure CM Punk or Bryan Danielson or both.

"I said to Joe [Koff], 'I know Punk.' I said I could reach out to him and I did. I called him up. I didn't text him and he was in L.A. doing something and maybe some kind of film work and I gave him Greg’s [Gilleland] number and vice versa, or Joe's number and nothing ever happened," said Silkin.

Punk would eventually return to ROH in early 2022, being one of the first names inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame, alongside Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, and The Briscoes.

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