Roman Reigns Comments On The Future Of His WWE Career

The Tribal Chief knows he can’t go on forever

Roman Reigns is currently on the best run of his career as SmackDown’s nigh unbeatable Tribal Chief, but the WWE Universal Champion knows that everything comes to an end, eventually.

Speaking with Sportico’s Business Beyond the Game, Reigns was realistic about how long he can physically keep going in wrestling, saying:

“Yeah, I absolutely - you have to be smart about it. We all want to believe that, you know, as I’m not portraying the Superman character, sometimes as men, we have to remind ourselves that you’re not Superman, you can’t do this forever. You can’t fall down for the rest of your life. There’s gonna come a point where you just don’t move as quick, you’re not as strong as you used to be and you don’t recover nearly as fast as you used to and I would like to save a few miles on that calculator there and if I can continue to entertain and be a part of the creative process and be able to dive into different characters and build, be a part of a production that creates that escapism within the big screen then I would love it or a TV show or something like that, it’d be phenomenal but, for me to think that I can do this forever, the very best, even The Undertaker, in my opinion the greatest WWE superstar of all time, nobody’s done it longer at the elite level that he’s done it. So much respect for him but even time caught up to him so we all have to be smart and we have to remember that these performances aren’t everything in life. They’re a big part of our lives and they’re vehicles that drive us and create motivation and satisfaction to a certain degree but, there’s more to life and being a father of five, being a husband, there’s a lot of things that I wanna do that aren’t gonna involve a wrestling ring so, if I can find a way to continue to tap into these skills that I’ve learned here in WWE and utilise them and continue to push my career even higher or even just stay the same where I’m at and just still being involved in really good projects, I’m totally down for that.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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