Roman Reigns Discusses How Recovering From Leukemia Has Changed His Resiliency And Appetite

"The Big Dog" discusses his life-altering condition...

Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by GQ for their Real-Life Diet series, and had much to say regarding the changes he's endured after being diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia in October of last year.

Though he's wrestled a relatively full-time grind since WrestleMania 35 (after entering into remission more than a month earlier), Reigns admits he still faces challenges, particularly regarding his appetite.

Reigns talked about some of the side effects of the oral chemotherapy meds he takes, saying, "I've been on the road now for almost three weeks, and just yesterday I didn’t have an appetite. I was kind of nauseous for the majority of the day. There are some days that are struggles, and some days where it curbs your appetite and you don't want to eat because you have that nauseous feeling."

"The Big Dog" also noted the difficulty of dealing with the condition today as opposed to his first go-around as a much younger man playing football in 2007, adding, "I'm a different human. I just can't manage everything like I used to. I don't have the same resiliency that I did when I was 22. My body didn't bounce back, and the recovery is not the same. It's a whole different process now, and I'm working a different job, in a different place, with a different type of athletics."

Reigns also speaks about the specific dietary changes he's had to make since his diagnosis and subsequent undergoing of treatment, as well as the changes to his exercise routine.

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