Ruby Soho Discusses Original Plans For the Riott Squad In WWE

The group debuted in 2017

Ruby Soho has revealed she heard that her faction in WWE, The Riott Squad, was not meant to be together for as long as they were.

Then known as Ruby Riott, Soho and her new teammates Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan debuted on the WWE main roster in late 2017 as The Riott Squad, attacking Charlotte Flair and Natalya. 

The group would remain linked until 2019, when Liv Morgan was drafted to SmackDown, and Riott would attack her former stablemate upon her own return from injury in 2020.

Now a member of the AEW roster, Soho has admitted the group stayed together longer than initially first planned, with the introduction of the stable originally meant to just introduce three new characters onto the WWE main roster.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Soho said: "From what I was told, we weren’t supposed to be together for very long. We were supposed to debut together and then kind of split, but they liked us together, and we loved being together.

"And I think that was one of the things because we didn’t think we were gonna last very long. We didn’t change our individual characters and we just kind of tried to get them to mesh together instead of, oh, we’re gonna try to make each other a faction. We’re like, okay, if we’re gonna get split up, we’re gonna stay who we are.

"And I think that’s what helped us is we had three individual characters that made sense somehow in a weird way that actually accented each other."

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